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1. Corporate vision: to become the pride of employees, customer satisfaction, social recognition, develop a standard for the modernization of silicone industry, international business.

2 .Corporate mission: to build a platform for the employees, to create a business for the employees, to create value for customers, and to make a contribution  to environmental protection.
3.Business philosophy:   to survive by honesty, to develop by innovation, to leave customers by double-win , to leave staff by staff business.
4. Management idea: The discipline of the army, the culture of the school, the atmosphere of the family.
5. Core values: honesty and trustworthiness, gratitude to share, unity and innovation, excellence, passing positive energy.
6. Company purpose: to create a competitive products and  offer service to our society.
 To customers, It means that we should  understand and exceed customer expectations, build high quality products for customers,  provide value services, achieve the biggest satisfaction for customers.
 To employees, It means that we should  work hard and make good  contribution  to our company development .Offering the high level service.And at the same time,developing and changing  ourselves to achieve  our excellent life.
 To society, It means that we should have the responsibility to benefit our society .create high quality products for  times  and social development requirement,to be a excellent enterprise,care about  social welfare, take social responsibility, and promote the harmonious development of our  society.
7 .Company's development goals: to be perfect ,stronger and bigger.
Company's development goal implement follow"three step" strategies  which is perfect,stronger, bigger", not only clear the three stage goals, but also pointed out the three stages of the development of our  company. To do the essence is to achieve the project to create a boutique, work excellence.To achieve stronger,strong core competitiveness, strong anti risk ability, the bigger is to achieve big industry, big market, large-scale, big brand.
8. Company values: integrity and quality of innovation
Integrity, quality, innovation, brand, human value are the core content of corporate culture, and clearly told our company's pursuit of goals and guidelines, is the pointer to all of our actions.
9. Company business philosophy: professional business value service
Focus on creating a miracle. Sunlight through the convex lens will match to light, because the focusing effect; nails gradually put into the object, because a little strength to concentrate on.Decade of grinding sword  is because of persistent. The success of some professional company is because of the attention. Otherwise, you blindly seek large, decentralized management, but the dilution of their core competitiveness. Look at the market environment and company's comprehensive strength, we establish the stage of professional management is in road and bridge construction as the core business, gathered all the resources, to gather up all the power and concentrate on cultivating to create quality products of core competitiveness, form fist brand, doing fine and stronger and bigger.
10 .Company quality concept: Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise
Quality is the details of the effectiveness of the cast products
Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. The project, quality for this,we put the quality as the company's lifeline. We strive to create a quality culture, the quality of the image of the tree, the quality of the market, the concept of quality throughout the work, to create quality products as their unremitting pursuit. With their own ratio, only better without the best, never meet; compared with the peer, only the best is not better, never fight for the first.