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1.Shenzhen Yuan Feng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces what?

Silicone strap categories: silicone pat lap strap, silicone anion strap, silicone LED strap

Silicone jewelry categories: silicone wristband, silicone bracelet, silicone necklace, silicone bracelet

Silicone Bags: Silicone wallet, silicone cosmetic bag, silicone Ms. Cross package, silicone shopping bag, silicone key cases

The silicone jacket: silicone mobile phone sets, silicone placemat, silicone seals, silicone documents sheath, silicone steering wheel cover

2.Phone silicone sets of craftsmanship is what?

Phone silicone sets based on mobile phone sets of silicone colorless, taste, soft, feels relatively close to the skin. Good elasticity, abrasion resistance, environmental protection, high temperature and other characteristics. The early phone silicone sets are a solid color, because the process optimization and forward on the market today are mostly colorful main This kind of mobile phone sets are mostly export analogy used by the developed countries of Europe and the United States. Produced this mobile phone sets and the largest city of factories in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Only such annual exports of mobile phone sets at least rare as much as ten billion U.S. dollars! Type of mobile phone sets are tailored for high-end phones, the colorful capital price is about 10 yuan, of course, the color, the more the more messy process capital corresponding will add!

Silicone Products Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Hui Cheng Mei primary produce all kinds of silicone gifts, silicone product, silicone advertising gift, injection product, has been engaged in career more than a decade of experience, the existing plant area of over 10,000 square meters, more than 500 employees . Silicone products such as key chain, luggage tag, mugs, bottle openers, fridge magnets, coasters, picture frames, trademarks, glue chapter, silicone wrist band, U disk enclosure, mobile phone holder, mobile phone strap, phone Silicone Case, silicone bracelet energy bracelet, non-slip mats, plastic pull top.

Silicone products produced from silica gel, available in many areas, such as baby pacifier, cup, straw, cup above Beigai, bracelet watches with. Electronic product following the Ottomans, and medical supplies to the above, there are plenty of silicone products, which can be done non-toxic, tasteless, and the high temperature of 200 degrees or more, resistance to low temperature of -40 degrees, so the use of a wide range of.

3.The color of whether there will be color?

The ordinary color can do 100% color match, special color generally we only promise 90%.

4.Your quality there is no guarantee it?

Shenzhen Yuan-feng has 12 years of experience in the production of silicone products. Us in every aspect of professional quality control personnel tracking, from open not expect packaging and shipment to ensure that the one-time the OK.

5.Which method of payment you accept the general way?

The company provisions generally acceptable method of payment is TT (30% deposit paid before shipping 70%), PAYPAL, WEST UNION, L / C.

6.Can accept customer design?

We have a professional design team for customer service, as long as the amount of free design mold proofing. Long as the customer provides the material, size, shape, LOGO, we can do the board according to the customer's requirements.