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Advantages Of Natural Latex Products

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Good sleep of course, good mattress, good mattress allows you to have a comfortable sleep, the more popular the market now comes natural latex mattress, which is an environmentally friendly, comfortable, ensuring high quality sleep quality mattresses, natural latex mattresses now available in many brands, how should we buy it? today, let take you to understand the benefits of lower natural latex mattresses and natural latex mattresses recommended it.

1, Orthopedic function
Latex mattresses contact with the body area 3-5 times higher than the average mattress can be evenly distributed weight of the body endurance, to adjust bad sleeping posture, relaxation restoring spinal function.
2, Good ventilation
Natural latex mattress has a breathable, open-porous latex balloon structure, per cubic inch there are many holes in the connected air can circulate freely in the mattress, scattered sleep, because the skin in contact with the mattress, the heat generated by sweat, keeping the body's sleep in a comfortable and dry.
3, Anti-bacteria
Latex special molecular structure, mold, dust mites, bacteria and parasites to inhibit breeding.
4, Ultra-quiet
Natural latex can absorb noise caused due to turn over and sleep caused by vibration, and can effectively reduce the number of stand up, improve your quality of sleep.
5, Good comfort
Natural latex mattresses are in accordance with the structural design of the human body, the head accounts for 8% of body weight, 33% of total body chest, buttocks accounted for 44% of the body, ergonomic principles to ensure a reasonable body weight is dispersed.
6, High elasticity
Made from natural latex as the latex mattresses with high flexibility to meet the needs of different weight groups, its good supporting force, able to adapt to the sleeper various sleeping position.
7, Anti-static
Natural rubber latex is processed juice, thus effectively preventing the formation of the magnetic field, to be completely insulated and antistatic.
8, Environmental protection
Latex mattress material is substantially latex, natural latex mattresses contain toxic elements, harmful to humans, 100% natural latex, with comfortable and natural mild characteristics, no chemical composition, contact with the skin will not have an adverse chemical reactions, high-tech natural environment, so as to ensure a healthy and comfortable.
9, To ensure the quality of sleep
Natural latex mattress main region, the three regions, five-segment, seven partition points. Zoning is based on gravity when personal sleep parts of the body to produce design mattress by Flex in different regions to better supporting and protecting the body, to achieve the effect of high-quality sleep.