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Advantages of silicone bag

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As is known to all, the package can be made of many materials. For example: leather, leather, artificial leather, and so on, that is not clear. So, what do you think of the package made of silica gel? Today, I make up for you to say that the silicone bag

silicone bag

1 lightweight and durable

Siliconel material is highly active adsorption material, made into a bag is very smooth. You can also become a variety of colors of the silica gel bag, can adapt to all kinds of style; but also not deformation, high temperature resistance, good shrinkage; tension and elasticity effect is good. So not only to make silicone bag beautiful, and can make the silicone package is not deformed, high temperature resistance at 200 degrees are no problem, minus -50 degrees mold silicone is still not brittle, still very soft, very good simulation results.
2 environmental protection non-toxic
Properties of silicone material is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material. Therefore, the production of silicone package with a non-toxic nature, which is in line with the pursuit of the green environment.
3 easy to clean

Silicone bag is different from other bags of another feature is easy to clean, each silicone bag are waterproof and anti fouling, let alone clean. Just wash with soap water or air dry.

silicone beach bag

Silicone bag now has many students like, not only can be used as money, but also can put the book. If the larger point can also have enough space to put laptops or other necessities. Therefore, silicone bagl is a good way to lighten up.