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Baby Feeding About Silicone Teether Frequently FAQ

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Silicone teething handle part of the material is PP, the filter part of the material is silicone, are free of bisphenol A. Because silica gel is non-toxic, odorless and easy to clean, high temperature and other characteristics, are commonly used in baby pacifiers, bottles, kitchen supplies. All products through the FDA, LFGB and other European international standards, ease of use.
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Silicone teether for?

Silicone baby teether is an auxiliary tool for feeding your baby breast milk in addition to the absorption of natural nutrition; Silicone mesh bag filter holes for the baby through the bite crunch, food into puree, juice and swallowed by the baby sucked, very safe. When crunch their own baby, exercise your baby's hands and mouth such coordination; conducive to baby teeth, brain development, early so that the baby sound; conducive to training future baby independent character.

Silicone teether for baby use what age?

Silicone teether for April over the baby to use, that is, just when the baby teething, baby teeth not only allows, but also can enrich baby's nutritional aspects.

How to disinfect silicone teether?

Before use this product apart clean, use steam or boil and cook for 3-5 minutes disinfection (whole teether can be sterilized). When boiling water disinfection, the water should be kept enough, and should avoid contact with the parts teether to bottom of the pot, the pot along so as not to cause deformation.
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Teether by silica gel can eat what food?

Teether can be used to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, fish (to stab the bones), rice, bread, eggs, jelly, cakes, ice bar, milk tablets, cereals and so on.

Tips: processing fish, meat and nuts, the need to kick hard objects stones, bones, bones and the like; silicone teether bag access hole the right size, packed food without having to deal too Suixiao recommended treatment can be easily installed into a net bag of blocky can be, so let your baby chew more experience and training in place.

Why teether will change with a long time after?

This is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured. teether of the filter material is silica gel, silica gel juice will penetrate into the inside and "color", which is the physical properties of silicone decision.

How using silica gel teether?

Poke small side buckle, open pockets, will deal with good food packed into the net bag.

Tips: When loading the food, it is recommended to cover the transparent cover to avoid hand contact with silicone mesh bag or other items. Internet co-bag, buckle side buckle, unplug the transparent cover to the baby, you can let the baby began to enjoy a variety of dishes.

Tips: Give your baby before, you can teether on the baby front shake, then let your baby to grab teether into the mouth crunch, can exercise your baby's ability, your hands, mouth with more coordination; but also let the baby take the initiative to grasp the whole process of eating, so that during the baby's sight, touch, smell, taste also good training.

How to clean silicone teether?

Out of the mesh bag residue was decanted and clean. Tips: After cleaning and disinfecting, to be dry before closing access bag, covered with a transparent cover; after a period of use, the same as pacifiers silicone mesh bag will be easy to juice / mud stain, which is a normal phenomenon; cleaning silicone mesh bag when, pay attention to check whether the bag is bitten baby, if they are bitten, please pay attention to replace silicone bag; because of frequent filling of various foods, pasteurized plus baby for a long time crunch, replacement is recommended every one month.