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How to clean silicone teether?

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Silicone teether is often bought for mother baby teething gum massage effect, by sucking and teether, can promote the baby's eye, hand coordination, so as to promote the development of intelligence. In the long process of baby teeth, because of pain and tired to sleep, the study shows that by sucking a pacifier teether and can get satisfaction and psychological sense of security. So how to clean silicone teether?

silicone teether

1 it is recommended to buy more than two of the gum for use in turn, so that if you do not clean the gum after the baby appears to be unable to use dental adhesive. Another without use should also be put into the refrigerator cooling, each use of the gum before and after the need to be carefully checked, if found damaged, should be replaced immediately.
2 should be placed in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before use. If you buy the gum is not suitable for cold storage, then it should be strictly in accordance with the above instructions for operation and use
3 wash with warm water and food detergent, then rinse with water, immediately after the completion of the use of a clean towel to wipe
4 before cleaning should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to use, if you buy the gum should not be used in boiling water, steam, microwave ovens, dishwasher disinfection or cleaning, should avoid, so as not to damage the dental adhesive

5 when the gum is not used, it can be placed in a sterile container.

silicone teether

The above is the silicone teether cleaning when precautions, mothers should often give gutta percha clean, to avoid dirty things into the mouth of the baby to chew.