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Introduction to the silicone raw material classification and USES

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Introduction to the silicone raw material classification and USES
Silica gel is more and more popular with people for its environmental performance. Now in the market more and more other materials were replaced by a silica gel products, products for the silicone products knowledge, should start from the silicone raw material.
1, the silicone raw materials according to the performance points can be divided into ordinary silica gel and meteorological silica gel
Ordinary silica and precipitated silica gel
Color: transparent, milky white, yellow, grey, etc.
Hardness: 30 °, 40 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, commonly used between 40 ° to 70 °.
Density: 1.1-1.12 - g/c ㎡
Elongation rate: 400%
Purpose: use more is mobile phone keys, sundries, such conductive adhesive, silica gel products.
The weather rubber and pure silicone
Color: transparent.
Hardness: 30 °, 40 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, 80 °, commonly used between 40 ° to 60 °.
Density: 1.1-1.12 - g/c ㎡
Elongation: 600% 700%
Characteristics: good because this material transparency, strong tensile resistance. The cost is high
Purpose: silica gel tube, cases of high-grade need highly elastic products.
2, silica gel raw materials according to physical properties can be divided into solid silica gel and liquid silica gel.
Solid silicone is mainly used for moulding the products. Such as: silicone, silicone tableware, silicone keys, etc. Liquid silicone is mainly used for extrusion products, such as silicone pacifier, silicone tube, etc.
USES a lot of rubber in the national economy each department almost has its place. And from all walks of life are closely linked. (A) rubber and transportation: rubber industry is developed along with the automobile industry. S car industry and petrochemical industry high-speed development, make the rubber industry production level had the very big enhancement; Into the seventy s, in order to adapt to the high speed of vehicles, security, and save energy and eliminate pollution, prevent pollution and so on, contributed to the tire new varieties constantly out of view. Rubber raw material consumption in transportation occupies considerable proportion. A liberation, for example, spleen 4 tons of truck need rubber products more than 200 kg, riding a day need to assembly the total weight of rubber products of more than 300 kilograms, a ten thousand - ton ship will need rubber products nearly 10 tons, a jet airliners need nearly 600 kilograms of rubber. On land, sea and air transportation, which is inseparable from the withdrawal adhesive products. As a transportation tool, tire is a main accessories. In recent years, in addition to the production of ordinary tires, and develop the radial tyre, tubeless tyre underground railroad some also used rubber tires. Railway vehicle and automobile popularization and application of rubber spring exhibition products, air-tight rubber. Also in the large shops, railway stations, subway manned conveyor belt. In addition, there are made with a rubber "hovercraft", "air cushion vehicle", etc. (B) solid proof rubber and military: rubber is an important strategic materials, but also very widely used in military defense, for instance, a tank with more than eight hundred kilograms of rubber; Generally three ships - with sixty-eight tons of rubber, about military equipment, air force installations have rubber tracks, national defence engineering. Made using rubber ship, tents, warehouses and protective gear breed is very much also, bath water, clothing, etc. As for cutting-edge technology needs to be resistant to high temperature, low temperature resistant, oil resistant, resistant to high vacuum and other special properties of the rubber xian 0 product is indispensable. Along with the development of national defense modernization, which requires ability - 100 - a - 400 ℃ temperature range, and can resist all kinds of acid, city and oxidant rubber with special performance, is the development and production.
(C) rubber and agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy development, also hail play all kinds of rubber products, in addition to the tractors and agricultural machinery in all kinds of tires, rubber tracks in combine harvester need, irrigation with pools of water, water with reservoir and the rubber blanket and rubber dam, rubber boats, survival kits with member are growing, in agricultural and sideline products processing equipment and forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries technology and equipment, etc., all have the rubber parts. As iron cow a wheeled tractor, 40 need rubber products more than 121 pieces. With the great development of agricultural mechanization, irrigation and water conservancy, the rafter wave character will be more and more. (D) rubber and civil construction, modern building, there's scope for rubber is. Used on building glass, for example, main sealing rubber strip, soundproofing floor, take the qinghai sponge, rubber carpet, waterproof material, and painted the drama wall with emulsion paint. Starting from the mid sixties in building large rubber spring seat cushion, in order to reduce the vibration and noise caused by the subway. Abroad are still in the trial to reduce earthquake damage to building rubber cushion, this kind of rubber product development has the very vital significance. Concrete hollow components used inflatable rubber soft latex rubber cement and glue application in construction projects are becoming more and more widely. The latex mixed with cement, can improve the elasticity and abrasion resistance of concrete. Add 3% of the rubber or latex in asphalt paving the road pavement, can prevent the surface crack, and improve the impact resistance. During the construction of a building through the use of machinery, transport equipment, protective equipment, etc. There are rubber products accessories. (E) limb and mining industry: the industrial sector needs, big and small rubber products that is more, many varieties, widely used, and some special requirements. Main products are adhesive tape, rubber hose, sealing gasket, rubber roller, rubber sheet, rubber lining, and labor protection supplies. Applied in mining, coal, metallurgical and other industrial belt to transport the finished product, all in appear constantly, for large-scale production of clouds, also produce steel cord conveyor belt conveyor belt and synthetic fiber. In recent years, the mine mill rubber lining, plastic in place of manganese steel by forging, service life is increased two to four times, also reduced the noise, the products spread all over the world. (F) rafter limb and electrical communication: is another characteristic of rubber insulation performance is good, not easy to conduct electricity. All kinds of wire, t put the cable use rubber is more. Hard rubber is used for making rubber hose, plastic rods, plastic plate, plate and battery shell. In addition, also widely used as protective equipment insulating gloves, insulated rubber shoes, etc. (G) adhesive and health: there are many rubber products in the application in medical and health sector, such as hospital, urology department of anesthesiology, surgery, brain surgery, orthopedics, five GongKe, radiology department