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Mouth Baby Nasal Aspirators VS Pump Nose Clear Nasal Aspirator

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Baby nasal secretions to clearly make parents is a very difficult thing, baby do not know at this stage to clear their own, not the many ways that can not be cleaned easily hurt the baby's nasal cavity. Many parents are now using nose clear nasal aspirator to remove the baby nasal secretions, including mouth suction nasal suction device is more commonly used, then the mouth suction nasal aspirator easy to use it?

Mouth nose clear nasal aspirator easy to use
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Nose clear nasal aspirator types available in the market include pump-type nasal aspirator, mouth suction nasal suction device and an electric nose cleaner suction mouth and nasal aspirator baby comfy nose to other advantages as follows: with the mother the most gentle aspirated dilute nose, suction may adjust attractive, do not worry will suck hurt nose. Baby touching the nose part of suitable shape and material will not bring harm to the baby. Straw appropriate length, can be bent using a small soft head will not go into the nasal cavity, but does not cause damage, easy to use on the nasal mucosa.

Baby nasal secretions more, parents must regularly clean up the baby. If the discharge time has not been cleaned easily in the air and dust formation booger, brought to clean up the difficulty, parents use mouth suction nasal suction device to clean up before the baby can go at your baby awake two drops of breast milk in the nasal cavity, it can in a short time to soften booger, nasal suction device will be able to more easily be sucked out.

Before using mouth nasal aspirator to clean up the baby nasal secretions, must undergo strict disinfection, otherwise bacteria can easily enter the body directly through the baby's nose, so as to adversely affect the baby's health. Mouth suction nasal suction device major, tip and storage bottle consists of three parts suction port, storage bottle can be individually disassembled for cleaning and disinfection, parents must take appropriate disinfection methods in disinfection time in accordance nasal suction device material, for example, some of the material in the case when the heat easily deformed, not suitable for high-temperature sterilization method with whom disinfection.

How to use nasal aspirator baby safety

Baby nasal aspirator supplier can effectively remove secretions within the nasal cavity, parents use nasal suction device, be sure to pay attention to proper use, be able to achieve the best results.

First, let your baby to maintain the correct posture. Parents can be the baby on your lap or a flat area, parents and the baby's face relative to see the baby's nostrils. If you are using  nasal aspirator for babies is first compressed, into the nostril and slowly release nasal suction device, then the nose will be sucked out. Then nasal suction device out, forced to suck the nose and nasal spray solution on the toilet paper. Repeat this action until all the absorbance nose.

If you are using mouth suction baby nasal aspirator, close to the parents of a bottle on the baby's nostril, put the bottle away from the suction mouths, according to their own efforts to regulate the secretion of the shape and the number of bottles in the process of withdrawing is has been on top for receiving the aspiration of secretions.

Nosefrida nasal aspirator must be parents to choose the quality of clearance, the tip of the material must be soft in order to avoid damage to the baby's nasal cavity. Every time after using the nasal suction device, must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it will be very easy to breed bacteria and viruses, time again to give the baby to use baby's health have serious repercussions.