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Who is the president of the United States is difficult to shake the overall situation of Sino US relations

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With the U.S. election to enter the final sprint stage, the news media in the Chinese society and the corresponding topic in cyberspace has become the focus of public debate. But never too big to watch the mindset, a lot of social public is indeed because U.S. election uncertainty arises for the future of global political and economic situation even Chinese domestic governance concerns. Such fears are not unfounded, it does reflect the China public under the historical background of the rise of great powers, has been more and more open global vision, more and more understanding of interests and the world Chinese complex.

But, frankly speaking, even if the election does have an impact on the future development of China, but as a large country, China things still has its inherent law of development, no matter who is the president of the United States, will not change China rise process, also will not shake the overall situation of Sino US relations.

Although Hilary is the mastermind of the United States to return to Asia, Trump also campaigned repeatedly with Chinese thing, but the two countries as a community of interests in the global system will not change the facts. Although in recent years, the so-called "Thucydides trap" fired awfully, did make a lot of people heavy-hearted, but take the relationship between Sparta and thousands of years ago in Greece to put Sino US relations now, is mechanically. Just imagine, Athens and the existence of such a huge trade between China and the United States it? Does Athens have millions of people to do with the people of the year? Does Athens and the world have the ability to destroy the world? Sino US relations in recent years, despite the emergence of a number of friction and even tension, but the two sides are increasingly close contact, the space continues to expand, the channel and means to control the crisis is also growing.

If Hilary wins, she is likely to continue the policy of the United States to return to the Asia pacific. However, such a policy in Philippines to restore independent diplomacy with the United States and Vietnam opened distance, Malaysia and Chinese constantly improve the political and economic relations, has lost most of the fulcrum. The final outcome is likely with Hilary's "New Silk Road" project, facing an embarrassing end. If the outspoken Trump came to power, though he is likely to take a tough stance on China trade, but according to the business characteristics and the Republicans has always been his realistic style, and political cooperation between China and the United States in trade on may compromise, but will make the Sino American relations appeared certain to pick up. More importantly, whether it is Hilary or Trump came to power, the Obama administration is trying to use the edge of China's TPP does not catch a cold. This to Japan as the axis of the so-called senior FTA, is likely to be wishful thinking through in Japan after being abandoned if the Americans.

Although the United States is still the most important country in the international community for China, its importance has declined. China is through the The Belt and Road "BRIC" Shanghai Cooperation Organization "," the G20 organization, cooperation in Latin America, Africa cooperation, China ASEAN Free Trade Area and a series of channels, expand its development space. China's economic and trade ties with the United States is still very important to China, but the degree of dependence on the United States has been greatly reduced. China is no longer a ride in the globalization of the United States, but the new global order of the leader and facilitator. The pursuit of peaceful development of China does not seek confrontation, but do not care too much about other people's face". So, no matter who the president of the United States, the Chinese people may wish to calm some. Moreover, the next president of the United States may be the most in the history of the United States can not serve the public, the most controversial one of the president.