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Outdoor Sports Bracelet Silicone Digital Gym Running LED Adjustable Wrist Watch

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These are great looking fashionable watches. Bought them for my daughters who create and wear their own bracelets. As for time keeping. When you wear this watch, not only do you look great, you also travel ahead in time. Many minutes each week. I sat one down for a month and the watch was several hours ahead of actual time. My daughters watches performed similarly. The good thing was, they would arrive early for dinner and such.
custom silicone wrist bands These are about as close to perfect as you can get for this price! Darling, well-made feeling, rubber-banded watches. The time setting can be a little tricky, but if you just hold the button down until the hour light number flashes, press to set it and then immediately hold down to switch to the minute setting and so on- it may take a couple times around not to change the time while you're pressing for the watch to change to the next setting, but you will eventually get the hang of it! Also, my red one I thought was broken, but I just pushed really hard with the blunt end of a pen until it came on and then used the same end to hold it for the setting. Took awhile, but I eventually got it right and hopefully won't need to change again for awhile. Good, bright numbers, so I would have to say, out of the box I am rather impressed. I will post a follow-up after I wear them for awhile to see how they hold up!!
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The watch is simple and easy to use. The complaints thusfar were that the watch was too big, solution you have to cut the silicone to fit. Make sure you cut it evenly on both sides. Others had difficulty programming but all you have to do is press and hold the button down until the lcd flashes. I'd prefer if the watch were a bit smaller and not as stiff so it bends around the wrist better but it serves its purpose. The watch is also a bit thicker than i anticipated so might look better on a man's wrist.

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The band is soft and flexible and feels like an original Apple Watch band. It feels sturdy and unlikely to rip or tear or otherwise break. It slides right into the band slots and locks into place. It is easily removed by unlocking and sliding out as well. The lock works just like an authentic Apple Watch and is sturdy. I ordered the M/L band (this watch does not come with two sizes of bands, you'll need to choose when ordering) which is the size I wear on the Apple Watch band. On the Apple Watch band I am usually on the third hole and on this band I am using the fourth one. So very close in sizing although you may notice some difference. I wouldn't think it would be an issue for anyone.